VYSYN Invests in Ethereum Privacy & Escrow Service ETHBOX

VYSYN allocates capital to ETHBOX and will act as a strategic advisor to the project

VYSYN Ventures has invested in ETHBOX and will act as a strategic advisor to this disruptive project. ETHBOX is an emerging solution for the Ethereum blockchain that provides a digital escrow services via smart contracts. 

The digital escrow enables Ethereum users to interact with the blockchain in ways that were previously impossible. Sending a transaction to the wrong address is a common mishap that has been the source of hundreds of millions in USD losses.

With ETHBOX’s digital escrow acting in the middle of transactions, mistyped addresses become an easily reversible event. Digital escrow adds further upside to Ethereum transactions, allowing users to increase their privacy assurances by obfuscating the blockchain trail. 

Moreover, the digital escrow facilitates more secure transactions. With both the sender and recipient required to sign transactions, OTC trading between Ethereum users can be securely executed with no risk of fraud and scam.

VYSYN Ventures is thrilled to support ETHBOX by providing both capital and guidance. We are excited to see the evolution of the project. Ethereum has become a network with a valuation of over $170 billion and any solution that increases the utility for ETH holders has huge market potential.

The high potential of ETHBOX is corroborated by the support of DuckDAO. DuckDAO is a decentralized incubator that identifies the most promising new projects to take through their incubation process. Unsurprisingly, ETHBOX will be going through this process!