VYSYN Ventures Participates in the Exeedme Private Sale

Polkadot-Powered Platform to Increase Revenue Generation Opportunities for Gamers

In 2019, the online gaming industry was valued at roughly $150 billion. This is expected to grow to approximately $256 billion by 2025. Online gaming has become a legitimate business and career path for gamers willing to commit themselves to the extremely competitive industry.

Gamers like PewDiePie changed the nature of the industry when they began monetizing their activities through platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Monetization strategies continue to evolve, allowing gamers to earn revenue through avenues like tournament purses and sponsorships.

The online game industry is ripe for a blockchain-based platform that offers additional revenue generating-opportunities to gamers. That’s why VYSYN Ventures is thrilled to be a private sale investor and strategic partner of Exeedme. Exeedme is a Polkadot-powered gaming platform that allows gamers to monetize their skills in unprecedented ways.

Exeedme users have a variety of income-generating opportunities. Users can challenge one another and bet cryptocurrency assets on their battle. Victors take it all. It is also possible to bet on other gamers on the platform. Anytime somebody bets on a gamer, that gamer earns rewards regardless of the outcome. 

Other monetization opportunities are also possible. By staking the native tokens of the platform, users earn NFT tokens whose rarity becomes increasingly scarce as a user's staking activities become increasingly important l to the network. 

The market for online gaming holds hundreds of billions in USD value. It is one which is expected to grow over the coming years. It is also a market that is positioned to benefit from the COVID pandemic and trend towards remote work. As an increased share of netizens’ time is spent at home, gaming dedication is naturally expected to rise. 

VYSYN Ventures is committed to helping Exeedme penetrate the online gaming market. The ability to monetize gaming endeavors with a blockchain-based platform is enticing, and we anticipate that Exeedme will have an enormous user base that will continue to grow.

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